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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wait a minute....

So the other day I was working in one of the special needs orphanages during the morning shift, there had been a bit of a bug going around the house and it seemed like everyone was sick! Anyway, I had been wearing a T shirt that morning and luckily I took a sweatshirt with me to work, after a bit I had been feeling not so tip-top and a kinda had the chills. I knew that if I had put on my sweatshirt over my shirt I would be too hot so I took off my shirt and put on my sweatshirt, I put my shirt on top of my bag and went back to work!
after a while I went over to talk to one of the boys, his name is Jorge and such a cute boy! After a minute of talking to him another boy came over to say hi, his name is Luis and he is obsessed with plastic, ha I mean OBSESSED!! He crumples it up into a ball and twirls it around in his right hand, he could play with a plastic bag all day and be completely happy!
So Luis comes over to say hi and I am talking to him for a while when I looked down at his shirt and thought, " Wow, Luis has a bare foot gymnastics shirt too! that is so cool, I wonder how he got it...... wait a second..." (the light on top of my head literally flicked on, I thought that only happened in cartoons but it really happens! ha) Once I realized what had happened I basically yelled, "LUIS!! IS THAT MY SHIRT?!" Before I knew it he turned around and booked it! Laughing as he ran, while I was yelling "LUIS, GIVE ME MY SHIRT BACK!!" haha Boy can that kid run! When I finally caught up to him I was laughing so hard as were all the workers and other volunteers! It was one of the funniest things ever I swear to you!
These kinds of things have happened almost every day I have been here so far, can you see why I am loving it so much!?
More funny stories to come, I promise!

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