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Monday, February 22, 2010

Everyone run for the hills
(or the U.S.)
Ecuadorian flea Attack!

It's kinda a novel idea.
Who thought that fleas would be annoying, and all over the place?
or the real question is.. who WOULDN'T have thought fleas would be annoying and all over the place?

Please Bless.

On saturdays some of us switch off going to a different orphanage than the ones we usually go to during the week. This last saturday I didn't go, but one of my roommates did.
We are asked that after we get home from this orphanage that we shower and wash our clothes because it is rather dirty and all of the kids have lice!
Unfortunately, no one really thought that fleas could attach themselves to our bags.
Incredible.. really.

So at ten o'clock on saturday night my roomie Emily comes upstairs to find bug spray and says that she has just been bitten a ton of times! 20 minutes later she comes back upstairs and informs me that our room is completely infested with fleas. When we lifted up Shalyse's sheets you could see the tiny devil bugs crawling all over her bed.
So we sprayed our room, but the spray is extremely strong and you aren't allowed to be in the room for a few hours.
Sooo I had to find another place to sleep that night.
Another night with no sleep... and it was!
I tried the balcony..

I tried the basement..
FAIL(infested with fleas)

I tried the couch...

I tried another girls bed...

I ended up with four hours of sleep.

I just re-counted the bites I have accumulated on my body since I have been here.

I know you are!

Bring on the Amazon!! woot woot.



  1. you are my hero.

    i love you and cant wait until you return to me in 17 days.