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Friday, February 19, 2010

Wanna know the one thing I sincerely HATE with a burning passion in my soul?!

The Snooze Button!

I have decided it is the worst invention ever.
But don't worry, I have reasons!

First: I don't think I remember the last time I was awoken by my alarm clock, whenever I set one I find that I always wake up exactly one minute before it is supposed to go off! And I love that!It means I wake up by myself instead of being ripped from my slumber by annoying chimes or rhythmic beeps!

Second: I am an extremely light sleeper, anything wakes me up! Even when I wear ear plugs. So when someone's alarm goes off at 6, then 6:05, then 6:10 and so forth I wake up every time! Even if it's in another room in the house! So When the person turns off their alarm, finally at 6:50 I am a little upset!

And at the same time I just don't understand why you would want to wake up every five minutes! If you don't really NEED to wake up until 6:50, just set your alarm for that time! Then you get to sleep soundly for a whole other hour!


Hopefully my husband won't be a snooze pusher, cause we might have a problem!


P.s. updates on this last week to come, I promise:]


  1. hahaha you and judd both.... gotta love the snooze! :)

  2. hahah myyy bad. im a snooze presser. ill press it for like an hour!! i dont know what it is but its a silly habit for sure!

  3. hahaha lo! I never heard it when we lived together, but when you share a room with two other girls with two different alarms and two different snoozes.. it gets rather ridiculous! hahha I love you!