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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guess what ya'll?
I am home!!

And I am not quite sure how I feel about it..
But I do know that the last leg of my adventure was AMAZING!
I'll tell you about it.

The last week was crazy!
I was always busy with some kind of activity.
All of us girls went out every night just to be sure we saw everything we could have ever wanted to see in our city!
Saying my goodbyes was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.
If you know me well, you know I am not much of a crier!
But Wednesday and Thursday I felt like someone had drilled a hole in the back of my neck, put a hose in there, and was pumping water to my eyes balls constantly!
By the time I left Cuenca I was exhausted and my eyes were extremely puffy! haha
That Thursday night though we flew to Quito and stayed in that house for one night..
(let me just say I am SOOO glad I went to Cuenca, Quito wasn't exactly my cup of tea!)
The next morning we flew to Coca.
Which is a gorgeous city right on the Napo River.
If you don't know what that is, Google it:]
We took a bus and a boat to get to our destination, Yachana Lodge, aka my heaven!
It was amazing!
Our days were filled with different activities such as..
Hiking through the Jungle
Floating down the Napo
Being "healed" by a medicine man
Learning to use a huge blow gun
Cleaning sand and finding gold
Getting my face painted like a warrior
Eating a grapefruit right off of the tree
Being able to go anywhere BY MYSELF
Hanging out with a giant parrot named Yolanda
Eating fish with everything in tack but its head, maggots, and stinging nettle salad.
And skinny dipping in the Napo River underneath the Southern Cross!
It was such a cool weekend
I am already planning my trip back!
We left the Lodge on monday morning and took the boat all the way back to Coca, which was a two hour boat ride.
I didn't mind, it was beautiful!
I discovered the one Spanish song I had on my Ipod and listened to it the whole way to the airport!
You could say I have latin fever! haha
When we got back to Quito we were able to go to the Equator!
So cool.
You can stand an egg on a nail
Watch the water fall straight down a drain instead of swirling!
(and yes the toilet really does flush two different ways depending on which side of the Equator you are on)
and be 2.2 pounds lighter!

We spent that night in Quito, woke up the next morning and 5:30 a.m. and flew all day long!
I finally got into Salt lake at 11:30
Where I was greeted by my amazing friends and family, complete with posters and all,
I have never felt so loved!
Not to mention my besties drove all the way up from Provo at 11 o'clock at night just to see me, even though they have school in the morning!
If that isn't love I don't know what is!
When I got home I was greeted with a newly tinted car and an extremely clean room!
All thanks to my amazing family:]
I ate a bowl of Oatmeal
(my new obsession)
and went to bed!
and then I woke up at 5:30.. ready to go to work!
This is gonna take some getting used to!
It is weird to think I have a completely empty day to do whatever I want!
First stop... Zupas!

Don't worry though, just because I am home, doesn't mean the posts will end.
I have another adventure to plan for:]



  1. MMEEGGAANN. Come back to me!! I miss you so much. I just read like your whole blog I have an off right now...by myself... haha

    But anyways, I thought I would tell you how jealous I am that you went to the Amazon and how jealous you should be of me that I am going there in a few weeks! oh and guess what, we arent allowed at Frutellados anymore, sad sad story, I may just sneak there though. It is so different without you guys here but it is still so good. I love you and I will call you when I get home girl friend.



  2. i heart you. & i would drive down from provo annnnyyyday for you.