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Friday, May 14, 2010

So as you know I was supposed to leave on Tuesday.
That didn't happen.
SO we got a flight to Philadelphia then to Paris.
We got to Phili just fine and we had about a four hour layover until our flight to Paris.
Which was fine, I don't really mind layovers!
We boarded the plane at 8 p.m. and I was all ready and settled into my seat by 8:30, took a tylenol p.m. so I could sleep the whole way to Paris.
Until the flight attendant came on the PA and said there were some problems with the plane and that hopefully it wouldn't take too long to fix them.
They continued to keep us updated until..
they finally came back on the PA to tell us we couldn't take the plane we were on!
ummm what?
But that they had a plane coming from New York that would be there at 2 or 3 in the morning!
Ummm WHAT?
we get off the plane and are preparing to wait when,
oh fake out again!
The whole flight has been cancelled.
And we had all been rescheduled on a flight the next day at 3:30 p.m.
I was loopy, I mean completely out of it!
By this time I had been on my sleeping pill, awake, for 6 hours!
They informed us that they were gonna shuttle us to New Jersey to a hotel.
New Jersey? really?!
Zero sleep. But I did get my own room, sweet!
We got back to the airport and got on the plane.
I was praying nothing would go wrong again!
and it didn't!
and the best part about the flight being cancelled was that a lot of people left and didn't come back which meant I got a row all to myself to sleep!
We got into Paris at 5 in the a.m.
I was still tired. and we still had a 4 hour layover until our flight to Madrid.
I hated this layover because Charles Degaul was freeeeeeezing! haha
But now we are in Madrid, happy as a clam!
The hotel I guess felt bad for us so they gave us a suite!
And I guess my papu felt bad about the flights as well cause he just took me shopping at Zara:]
All in all life is going pretty well right now!
The speed bumps are all part of the adventure right?!
Tomorrow we are off to Sevilla!


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  1. ZARA!!!!!! OH NO!!!! tell Buzz to control himself! Have fun at the Flamenco! muah!