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Thursday, May 20, 2010

We are now in Granada.
I really like it here.
I liked Nirja too, it was pretty and warm and there was a beach! so of course I loved it:]
The things I didn't like about Nirja were the fat, naked Brits on the beach.
ew. sagggggggy haha
Today we got up super early to make our reservation at the Alhambra.
We walked all morning around the grounds and inside of the castle.
The entire thing is one big mess of culture...
But it was still very pretty!
I enjoyed it a lot!
I finally changed my outfit today, my mom will be happy to hear that!
I am currently frustrated with the internet and Webct!
This weird online classroom is rather confusing.
But luckily my professor for a father was able to help me figure it out.
It has finally hit me that I will actually be doing school work soon, I haven't done that since December! But at least I will be working toward a goal so maybe that will make it easier! ha maybe...
Tomorrow we head to Barcelona.
Maybe I will get to see Elder Keller.
Cross your fingers cause that would be so cool!
It's weird to think that my dad leaves me in Oviedo on sunday! Time has flown.
And then school starts on monday!
Wish me luck.
I'll update soon.

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