..Laugh as much as you choose,but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.. -Pride and Prejudice

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

things i'll bet you didn't know about..
(Why? cause this is my blog!)

1. I hand pick my Frosted Mini Wheats. I'm very specific about which ones go into my bowl and then into my mouth. It drives my mom craaaazy:]

2. I still dream/ hope that I will become some actor/actresses personal assistant, we will become best friends and insist I act with them in their next movie! A girl can dream right?!

3. I obsess over beautiful pictures. I have over 700 pictures on my computer alone that I am obsessed with. I actually love taking pictures as well, I just never find time to do it. My skills are on the "back burner" until I have time to do it.

4. I love fashion. But I don't dress the most fashionably, why? 3 reasons. 1. fashion takes money, money I don't have! 2. I don't have the high fashion body type. 3. I am not creative enough to make cool things out of my old things.
Sorry Vogue, I still love you.

5. I have never had a phone with internet capabilities. I understand this is very taboo for our day and age. But I never really saw the use, up until recently. I'm sure this will change soon though:]


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  1. megan! this is so funny because I am the same with #1 and #5! I like to find the ones with the the frosted stuff spread evenly over the wheat stuff haha. Also, I don't have internet on my phone either. It makes me sad that everyone always has to be checking their facebook, email, twitter on their iphones every 5 minutes so i'm avoiding it as long as possible.

    ps. you are beautiful!