..Laugh as much as you choose,but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.. -Pride and Prejudice

Monday, October 25, 2010

"It was enchanting to meet you.."
Oh Taylor, you cut me right to the core!
I am so obsessed with your new album it is ridiculous.
Thank you for creating a soundtrack to my life.

Tonight was exactly what I needed.
My besties Cait and Han forced me out of my house..
I was having a bad day
(trust me, I am as sick of experiencing it as you are hearing about it! haha)
We went to Sakura for Sushi, so good!
Then headed to the wonderful Hatch's on the Avenues for the most amazing hot chocolate around.
We laughed and laugheddddddd.
and listened to Tay of course.
They cheered me right up!
Thank you friends:]
(and thank you Han for the CD)
What would I do without you?


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