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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New York:
So for fall break me, Beth and my mom decided we needed to do our extremely delayed "girls trip" to New York.
It was amazing.
We got in late friday afternoon, got some dinner and Maxie's and headed to see WICKED!
I am obsessed, I laughed, and cried uncontrollably!
It was so incredible. I definitely recommend it!
Saturday we did the touristy stuff.
Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Greenwich Village, Canal. all that jazz!
That night we saw WESt SIDE STORY.
Such a classic. So obsessed as well.
Not to mention all of the dialogue between the Puerto Ricans was in Spanish!
I felt right at home:]
Sunday me and beth went to the singles ward.
I ended up knowing 8 people there. haha
Then we went to Harlem, so fun!
Then to the Upper East Side
(my dream place to live)
Visited Central Park, and fell asleep earlyyyyyy! After getting some Magnolia's cupcakes of course!
Monday we shopped!!
Lots of shopping.. oopsies!
Thanks mom!
We saw a famous person in Washington Square and stumbled upon Crumbs.
(which is ten times better than Magnolia's)

Washington D.C.
Tuesday we woke up earlyyyy.
Mamma left us to go home:[
Me and beth got on a train to D.C.
We got there and were starving so we hit the streets.
We must have looked confused cause a really nice old man helped us find a good place to eat!
He lead us to the Old Ebbitt Cafe.
Full of local government type people, you know the important kind! hah
Cass told us to tell Tony, the host that he had sent us. When we did Tony stretched out his hand and introduced himself and said we would be seated right away! In the best seat in the house.
We were treated like Queens!
Don't know who you are Cass, but you must be important, so thanks!
Then beth dragged to me a million museums.
I was exhausted.
We met up with our dad who was there on business and he took us to dinner.
Wednesday we were able to get a private tour of the capital thanks to our buddy Matt Holton who works there!
We got to go on the Senate Floor.
Um so cool.
you can only go down there if you work there or are with someone who works there.
It was a really sweet experience!
Then we went to more museums and went to dinner with dad.
Then to the Lincoln memorial.
It was awesome, except none of the pictures really turned out because they were shooting Transformers 3 and had really bright lights on!
But it was still cool.
Thursday we woke up to rainnnnnnn.
So we hit the Vietnam war memorial and were drenched.
Dried off a little at a museum and then headed to the airport!
It was an amazing trip!
and I can honestly say that one day, I WILL live in New York!



  1. i'm jealous of your trip! i really want to see wicked. i'm so glad you got to go on the senate floor, i worked on the senate floor for 6 months our junior year and loved it! it's amazing!

  2. umm... I'll live in New York with you!