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Monday, December 6, 2010

It's long.. but it's worth it!
So this week is "project week"
I call it that because it isn't the test taking week, it's the even more stressful week where all of your papers and such are due. ugh.
And I have had writers block simply cause I need to get this story off of my chest!

So this saturday my bestest friend Steven asked me to go to his mission reunion with him since he had just found out it was a date thing and he knows I have no life so I was the safest bet for short notice:]
We got there and everything was great, fun people, wonderful Korean food, fun Asian music haha
But there was this boyyyyyyyyy.
oh dear.
Spiked hair, affliction button up, roided.
before we started eating he came to talk to us.
he introduced himself(name will remain anonymous for his sake) and this is how the convo/ night paned out:
"Hi I'm ..............., who are you?"
"oh I'm Meg"
"Nice to meet you so, are you guys dating.. engaged?"
We laughed and simply told him we had known each other forever.
he grinned and then continued to give me the most blatant, disgusting, offensive "up down" I have ever received.
All I wanted to do was cross my arms across my chest and back into a corner. yuck.
The meal started and I asked Steven if that boy was a "sweetbro" he was confused so I gave him an explanation perfect for a return missionary.(reference from The Best Two Years)
Steve laughed and told me I was spot on.
The night went on and he continued to give me the most unreal looks all night.
To say I felt violated is an understatement.
When we were putting the folding chairs away, I'm not really one to sit there and watch the guys do all the work so I was helping.
He walks over and goes:
" Look at you, so great.. but you realllllly don't have to do this"
(I'm not inept, they are folding chairs!)
I was like, yeah I'm fine it's not that hard.
Then he continues with,
"Well here they are kinda heavy,(heavy? they are freaking folding chairs! Do I look frail to you?) you fold and I'll carry them over"
(Showing off his giant Golds Gym muscles)
I thought whatever as long as you leave.
I continue to fold while he dramatically placed the chairs on the rack, I seriously couldn't help snickering to myself.
I was embarrassed for him.
I brought some chairs over and I was putting them on the rack when he leaned right up close to me and whispers:
"You're pretty."
Chills went up my spine. not joking.
I stood up as fast as I could, simply muttered
Without looking at him in the eye and nearly ran to Steven and connected myself to him until we left.

I guess that is serious Karma though right!?
I blog about how these kinds of boys make me want to punch them in the face and then a few weeks later I get hit on by one for the first time in recent memory.

Well now I have that off of my mind, time to focus back on "project week"
good luck to you all on finals and good luck to myself as well:]
see ya in 2.



  1. hahahahah I AM OBSESSED! I love you.

  2. Gotta love those "sweet bro's"! hehehehe Run away!