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Monday, May 2, 2011

Well freak.
Sorry it has been so long, finals have destroyed me.
This past week I had to work on two 10 page research papers, a 30 artifact portfolio, and study for three finals!
The two papers, portfolio and 1st test were all due/ taken today! 
Now I am feeling blissfully happy!
Now if I can get through my math final, I will be golden.

But to get you up to speed, my birthday was fantastic.
Simple and chill.
Just the way I like it.
All of the girls and Landon came to dinner!
(He's nearly family now, so he is allowed to come)
it was nice to have my besties there with me
(except a few, they were missed)
I love them all so much, and it is nice to know that they are there for me, no matter what!
Completely unconditional.
It's a nice feeling!
I received some fantastic gifts
(Gift cards, books, Lip glossy, possibly a gift from Australia:] P90X from Lando, and my Kinect! Best presents everrrrrr!!)
(I have literally been living on that Kinect)
It was a fantastic birthday! 

I also was able to do Beth's hair and make up for her engagements on wednesday,
which I have to say,
she looked fantastic!
They are such a pretty couple it makes me sick!
The disc with all of her pictures came today and I cannot wait to see them.

I have also successfully got the "Finals 5"
I know it was sound like a poppy boy band from the 90's
it's not.
More like the stress of finals make me eat everything bad in sight.
chocolate raisins,
chocolate kisses,
chocolate cake, 
chocolate chip cookies,
chocolate ice cream.

Basically anything with chocolate in it!
Now that the stress is over, hopefully that will go away quickly!

other than that,
have you seen outside?!
it's amazing.
After my run today I laid on my front lawn for about 20 minutes just soaking the warmth in!
I cannot wait for summer!
It cannot come soon enough!

Until next time homies

and good luck with finals!


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