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Saturday, June 11, 2011


it is officially here, thank goodness!
and this past week I started my new job.
And I loveeeeee it!

I am a nanny for three adorable kids!
A boy who is 4, and two girls who are 6 and 9.

They are so cute, and definitely keep me on my toes!
But I feel like they are teaching me so much and I couldn't ask for a nicer family to work for.
They have a super fun house with a pool in the back yard, which is great!
All they ever want to do is go swimming, which is fine by me! 
basically I am getting paid to lay by the pool all day and hang out with kids.
It's perfect.

Also, I am almost done with my first half of summer school,
Just 7 more weeks and then I am done with math foreverrrrrr!

And in a week and a half, Beth and Landon get married! Sheesh.
what a world wind summer thus far! 
I am loving it, and I can't wait to see what else is going to happen.
I promise and swear I will update more though, I have been slacking. 
My bad. 
Still love you all!


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