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Monday, August 6, 2012

Let's talk about this book..
50 Shades of stupidity Grey.
(Disclaimer: There will be some spoilers, so if you don't want anything to be ruined or are planning on reading it in the future, do not read this post.)
So during my long stints at work I find a lot of time to browse the world wide web and in doing this I stumbled upon many people absolutely ravvvvinggg about this book.
I did a little research and found out it was a bit on the kinky side,
but pshh I can handle a little kink.. so I thought, bring it on!
Took a little drive to the nearest B&N and purchased the very last copy on the shelf,
'geeze, must be good'
Main character 1: Anastasia Steele.
Mousy brunette, lives with rich,pretty,blonde best friend, has a latino best friend who loves her, and casually works in a store like home depot?
And I am a little suspicious to her being Asexual, seeing as she is 21 and doesn't like kissing people?
da fuhhhh?
 Main Character 2: Christian Grey.
Billionaire, tall, handsome, mid-twenties, love flying, fast cars and women to do whatever he says?
K creep.

After a clumsy string of events she becomes obsessed with him in an unhealthy way and in turn
 he wants her V card.(such a timeless classic)
He buys her original copies of some book series, a phone, a laptop, a car and unlimited use of his helicopter and private jet.(No, she is not whoring herself out at all.. no way)
Shows up at the same bar she is at, her house on many occasions, and Florida unannounced.
Can you say.. obsessive?
I degress..
Basically, the entire book centers around strange and random sexcapades, surrounded by horribly written dialogue that's sole purpose is to convince one Miss Steele to become the submissive to one dominant Mr. Grey.
The worst part about it.. SHE WANTS IT.
She wants this man to run her life, buy her anything she wants, make her work out 4 times a week, spend every weekend with him, sleep in her own seperate bedroom cause he has some deep rooted issues.. as if that wasn't wildly apparent, all while not being able to touch him or look him in the eye and casually sitting on her knees, naked in his red room of pain awaiting a round of feverish spankings. WHAT?!
Ladies... really?
This is the piece of literature (if you can call it that) that you all want to pick up and read.
That's ridiculous, have some self respect.
Go find a book with a strong female lead, who has standards that don't crumble under a man.
For heavens sake.
All in all, I was disgusted.

Laters, baby.



  1. I haven't read it but my friend was and eventually stopped for pretty much all the same reasons you just listed. She read me an excerpt of one of the sexcapades--pretty freakin weird haha

  2. Megs- love & adore you for writing this. Such a tasteless book, glad to see there are other women out there who feel the same. XX

  3. BRAVO!!!!! You are an awesome, strong and smart woman!

  4. Boom goes the dynamite! I feel like this is the time I listened to Justin Bieber's newest album to see if "he is going to be the next Justin Timberlake!" WRONG! but that isn't the point. I think its hilarious how all these women and girls (young girls) are reading this book because "its supposed to be the next twilight!"

  5. This is a fantastic review of the book. Being curious to read it, but my mom telling me "absolutely not"..... This just made up my mind. Thanks cute girl!!! On the other hand, have you read "between shades of gray"? YOU MUST!!!!! Though the have similar titles, they are NOTHING alike. It's a great fast read. Go get it today- you won't regret it!!

  6. reminds me of how everyone was obsessed with twilight and i read the first book for 2 chapters and couldn't handle it.

  7. haha this post is hilarious and so well written. i haven't read that book but heard the same thing from one of my friends out here in CA...so glad to know it's true! xo