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Friday, January 29, 2010

Going Tribal!

So yesterday was probably one of the best days of my life! No really, it was incredible! While I am down here we go on little day trips or field trips if you will! The last one we went on was the beach and this one we went to this small village in a little nook in the Andes mountains! It's called Giron and the second we pulled up it felt like I was completely engulfed in these giant mountains with waterfalls cascading the sides! It was gorgeous. We pulled up to our hiking guides house, his name is Negro. (I'm not making that up haha) And before I knew it we were off.. Keens on my feet and Negro's dog Azul right by my side! When we started up the trail the weather was sunny and beautiful, but within five minutes it was extremely foggy, We were all a little confused as to how the weather could have changed so fast when Negro informed us that it wasn't the weather that had changed but that we had climbed our way into a cloud! how cool is that!?
Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice, but it was amazing! It was a pretty tough hike, but I loved it! Our final destination was a giant waterfall that was freezing! ha but that of course didn't stop me or Rachel from getting soaked! After hanging out there for a while, almost falling off a giant boulder, and jammin out to Dimelo with Negro it was time to head back down the steep and I mean STEEP mountain side. Not only was it like a 70 degree angle but it was also muddy and dewey because of the clouds, which of course meant that me and Rachel had to start a competition as to how many times we could fall, and how dirty we could get! haha So we were off, sprinting down the mountain side, when Negro decided that it looked pretty fun and decided to join us! That, or he was afraid we were going to die! Either way it was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Rachel won. But only because she bled! haha but running down the Andes mountains screaming Tarzan cries and going crazy with my girl Rach is definitely something I will always remember! We were wild women! haha

When we got down we went back to the cabin to snack on some food before taking another ten minute hike up to another giant waterfall that had a deep pool around it that you could jump into. Before leaving the cabin some of the girls were putting on their swim suits so they could jump in, I of course rationalized with myself and decided not to jump in because I was just getting over a cold, and jumping into frigid water wouldn't be the best idea... So much for that! I have never really been one to miss out on a good time so I ended up jumping in fully clothed!

It was definitely worth it!! haha

And luckily I had brought some things to change into when we got back so I didn't spend the whole drive home freezing!

It was such a perfect day, and I know that I will definitely come back sometime in the near future!

P.s. Remember when I was bragging about only having a cold and not having to wrap myself around the base of the toilet? Well I unfortunately have to swallow my words on that one. Yesterday, after the perfect day, when we got home I didn't feel very good, I thought I was just tired so I went to bed. About an hour later I found myself running to the bathroom. How fantastic! I guess it's all part of the experience though right?!
haha loves! xoxo.


  1. I love that the only thing you took off were your waterproof shoes!?!!! LOL Meggy, I love you! Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Meg these pics are so freaking adorable! Look like your having an amaaaazing time! Miss you:)