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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

..It's like America, but South!!

Soooo I made it here, finally! So sorry it has taken me forever to finally update but it has been a crazy couple of days! let me tell you..
First thing is first! We get to the airport at 4 in the morning on thursday, yes 4! of course I haven't slept yet since my normal time to fall asleep is like 2 or 3 anyway! By the time I got there I already wanted to pass out, so I figured it was gonna be a longgggg day! and it was! Salt lake to Dallas, Dallas to Miami, Miami to Quito. UGH!! Zero sleep and lots of flights, kill me! I was so relieved when we finally got to Quito but of course when we got there it was time to celebrate new years.. weird, again no sleep! It was fun though, a little taste of the culture when we jumped over life sized munecas (dolls) that were on fire! We didn't end up going to bed until about 1:30 that night, can you say slap freakin happy? I really thought there was a strong possibility once I did fall asleep I might never wake up! well I did, at 8 the next morning so we could catch another flight into Cuenca. All I have to say is, thank you daddy for my new Ipod that helped me get through those rough 24 hours! haha once we arrived we were greeted by the Roseros, they are the family that watches over us and the house we stay in! they are amazing, and the best sight to see after the long journey. They greeted us with hugs and kisses on the cheek! It was comforting for sure!
We finally got to the house and had a little time to unpack, eat lunch, have a meeting and then see the city! of course nothing was open though since it was New Years and everyone was taking the day off! So by the time night fell I was exhausted.. I mean I have never been so tired in my entire life! But guess what?! I ended up with zero sleep again that night, there was a car alarm that went off the entire night, I'm pretty sure it was right outside my window and not even ear plugs would drown the sound of that! haha are you kidding me? can't a girl catch a break!?
The next day we were up by seven and on the bus! My first shift I had was the little kids, I mean toddlers! 8 of them, it was nuts but I loved it! The first time we fed them no one had informed me that we can't hold the bowl close to them, my bad! before I knew it I had nasty soup all over me from angry babies who didn't want to eat any more! After shift we came home to have lunch and everyday we have a two hour break, but instead of sleeping or even resting I was told that I was on bread buy duty, that means I had to walk for what seemed like ages to buy bread for everyone in the house! then off to work again! this time with the kids that were a little older than the toddlers, they were between the ages of 2-8 I think, maybe 10? They were so full of energy and continually came up to me asking "como se llama?" It was hilarious to hear them try and say my name, of course none of them came close!
After that shift I was informed that on saturdays we go to an extra orphanage for older girls, are you kidding?! Why can't I just sleep?! haha once we got there I was attacked my a bunch of girls who wanted me to dance for them. How did they know I danced? well one of the girls in my group told them I did, so for another hour I had to dance for a bunch of little girls! Lets just say I passssssed out that night!!
So there is a little update on what has been going on so far in Cuenca, basically complete exhaustion, looking like a homeless person, lots of bebes sucios, a few tears and a lot of cereal! Nothing better than some comfort food right? I have been living on cereal and mint herbal tea:] yummy. haha But tomorrow we get a break and are going to the beach! It's called Jambeli and I am so excited, so I will be sure to update you all on how that goes!
Hasta entonces! Love you all.


  1. yayyyyy. so glad you are looovinng it. i miss you and im insanely jealous you are on an adventure. it sucks back in provo. im ready to bag school and meet you there and get awayyyyyy. keep up the awesome blog post. ill be blog stalking you!! looooveee youu more than lifeee!!!

  2. Meg........Thanks for the update! Hang in there baby! You have been gone for one week...can you believe it? WOW! I hope the beach was nice and restful and fun.