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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Megan in a Nutshell... NutMeg! holla.

So just the other day I was thinking about my life, what I love, what I couldn't live without, and basically just things that make me, me! So here is a list of things I love, am obsessed with, couldn't live without and whatever else I decide to write about! Oh and they of course are in no particular order, so just keep that in mind. Enjoy!

-Music! whether its to dance around my bedroom, dance around a studio, brighten my mood or just sing along to in my car I couldn't live without it!

-I am completely obsessed with Burts Bees. Along with Victoria Secret lip gloss. Keeps my lips looking so freshhh.

-The taste and smell of MINT! I absolutely love it. Gum, mentos, burts, syrup for hot chocolate, candles, bubble bath, etc.

-The treadmill. Keeps me from becoming obese. I think we can all appreciate that one!

- The snow. I didn't get much of it last year so I'm enjoying it before I leave!

-My cute, new little car! She goes so fast and she enjoys getting me places quickly!

-My knit head bands! Big shout out to UrbanBlues for keeping my ears toasty warm this winter!

- I loveeeeeeeee love love to dance! Truly, turn on some music and I can dance for hours. actually I don't even need music, I dance in silence too. Just ask anyone who has been around me for more than five minutes! It's love<3

-My fam. They are all crazy, loud and extremely stubborn, and I love it! I wouldn't have it any other way. They keep me sane and make me completely insane at the same time! haha
Case and point...

-Mac makeup. No explanation needed.

-Hairspray! Ya'll probably don't know this, but my hair is soooo fine. But with the help of the wonderful Treseme hairspray I can make you all think I have thick locks! Tricked ya!

-Sweats, Electric Blanket and my space heater. These all go together cause they keep me warm!!

-Facebook stalking. Get over it, everyone does it:]

-My friends! Old and new, boy or girl, I love every single one of them. They all play such an important role in my life and I really can't imagine what I would do without them.

-My Testimony. Because it's my very own and no one else's. I know what I know, and Believe what I believe! It's my rock!

-Warm weather and my Daisy Dukes! Sure I like snow during Christmas but most of the time I love my sun! Laying out, Cutesy dresses and flowy shirts, summer glow, and being able to stay outside night and day! Now if only we had a beach...

- The Pussycat Dolls. Yeah, I know, It's way weird. and sure some of their music is.. well not the best! But I love their old stuff, you know, Buttons and what not! It's my goal in life to look like them. Yes I know they have all had plastic surgery but I'm gonna do it without the surggggg. haha I'm a dork.

-Movies! They let me escape my world for a while and live someone else's life! Not to mention I am so excited to see Dear John when I get home from Ecuador!! If you haven't seen the trailer, go watch it right this second!

-My laptop! Which I am currently on. It's portable and convenient for any situation! Not to mention it is a must for all of my adventures over the next year!

-Being a complete and total GOOF! People don't know this but I really am the biggest dork, I really enjoy learning, I can be super awkward around guys I think are cute, I trip and fall, wear embarrassing outfits, and even snort on occasion! haha it's true, I'm a weirdo. And I thoroughly enjoy it!

-Airplanes. These help me get to all of my destinations much more quickly than any other mode of transportation, though I'm hoping one day to have my own private jet, I guess a flying bus will just have to work for now! haha

-Nate(eldest brother). only cause he said he would be upset if he didn't receive a personal "shout out." He's a child.

-Letters from Missionaries. Is there any better way to brighten your day? No.

-Laughing. I laugh and smile constantly! If laughing really does aid in a longer life expectancy then I'm gonna be alive until I'm at least 527 years old!

-My cell phone. Almost every individual in the modern world knows it is a necessity! Amen.

-Food! I love food, Sushi, S'mores, Fruit and candy! They are my favorites! I have a huge sweet tooth and would probably die without sugar! So if you ever want to do something nice for me, ditch the flowers, bring me food:]

-Basically everything about being a girl. Boys are jealous, I just know it!

-Taking adventures!! I absolutely live for them, I mean lets be honest. Would you rather die of old age orrrrr hang glide into the side of a cliff? Answer seems pretty obvious to me!

So there you have it! Just a little of what makes me tick! I realize I could go on forever, but lets be honest, who wants to sit around and read it all?! That's all for today,but I'm sure there will be more to come! Love you all! xoxo.


  1. I absolutely love love this!!! Every single one of these reasons are my favorite things about you!!!! You're my soul mate I decided! We are insta-BFFs! I love that you are super nice to everyone and that your taking time to go across the world and help children! You are such an incredible girl! And a great example!! I love that you are yourslef all the time! No matter who is around, you are your cute funny self!!! I love ya girl!!! Your blog is my favorite!

  2. Love this! I guess I can't be mad I didn't get a personal shout out because I got on in your first post... nate is just jealous! Haha what a weasel. You are looking fresh!