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Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Can't you just feel the Christmas spirit?!"

I promise I'm not crazy..

Obviously it's not really Christmas!
But today when I was walking home from school I was thinking
"Why don't we have Christmas spirit everyday?"
Think about it, on Christmas morning you wake up to mounds of gifts to play with and love.
You anticipate this one day for an entire year!
But what about today, or yesterday or tomorrow?
We are given presents everyday.
I like to call them something else...
Everyday I am blessed in different ways but sometimes I don't realized it.
I take the gifts I can't hold or see for granted.
But those are the ones that are the most precious.
I realized I need to start recognizing my blessings and being thankful for them.
So from now on I am going to try to always have Christmas in my heart:]


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