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Monday, May 24, 2010

I made it to Oviedo.
Yesterday we met our host families!
I live with a mother and a daughter.
Two very sweet, plump women!
Who I don't think have a mean bone in their body!
My "bedroom" is a library ha
I left my dad and walked to my fourth floor apartment, the entire apartment is about the size of 1L's kitchen and living room!
I had no idea how to communicate with my madre and was very frustrated!
I sleep on a very small bed, that used to be a couch which is rock hard!
But you know what, it is all part of the experience!
Leaving my dad yesterday was extremely hard.
I love that man more than anything.
And it didn't help that I was launched into a type of Spanish that I definitely wasn't used to!
It is so much different than Mexico or South America that it almost seems like a totally different language!
But surprisingly I was placed in the intermediate 2 class.
Which was a nice boost of confidence!
And then after school I walked around my city for 5 hours.
It is so incredibly beautiful!
I could definitely get used to living here for the next 5 weeks!
And I can't wait for my Spanish to improve either:]

Updates to come soon!

P.s. Tomorrow is a big holiday in Oviedo which means no school for me! woot woot!

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  1. Meg! It sounds so exciting! Communicating will get easier.....hopefully! I miss you!