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Friday, July 2, 2010

Dear Blog,
I really am sorry for not updating in weeks.
I am simply having too much fun!
My last week in Oviedo was bitter sweet.
It was such an amazing experience and I am so glad I was able to go and do all the things I did and meet all of the great people I did!
I will remember that experience for the rest of my life.
and I know I will go back again someday!!
I met up with Beth successfully in Copenhagen.
Traveling that friday was a little depressing because it was the first time I had been completely alone in seven weeks:[
But then Beth showed up and I remember I still had a lot more adventure ahead of me!
We first stayed in Copenhagen for two days.
It is a beautiful city, rich with culture!
Then we were off to Stockholm, Sweden.
I loved it there!
Everyone dresses like they are straight out of a Urbanoutfitters catalogue.
Me gusta!
Now we are in Estonia.
I loveeeee it here!
It is beautiful, and a smaller city which is just my cup of tea!
Today we went to the beach and took just an easy day.
It was definitely deserved and needed!
Tomorrow we are off to Norway!
I will tell you all more in depth stories about my travels later.
For now, I am off enjoying them:]


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  1. you are having too much fun. stop it.

    miss you.