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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sundance night 2.

Went and saw "HERE"
unlike the first night, it was terribly slow and boring!
still fun though haha
That show didn't start till 9, which meant it didn't get out until 11.
Elise and Laur were up in P.C. already and wanted me to meet them up there,
I was soooo tired I decided not to go.
As I was driving home I was talking to my dad and asked him what he would do if he were me.
He said, "Honestly, you are only 20 once and all your friends are in Park City? I'd go for sure."
That's all it took, called Elise and I was on my way.
We walked main for a minute, saw Lil Jon and then called up my friend Rowdy who said he could get us into Harryos.
So I gave him a call, he told us to meet him at the door.
The bouncer opened the door and I walked right in,( not really sure how that happened haha) the girls got stuck at the door so Rowdy went and got them, he then took up straight upstairs to the VIP tables for The Roots concert.
So legit!
Afterward, I went to my car with Colton and Michael and Elise called me and told me her car was stolen..
luckily we found out it has only been towed but we were still pissed!
$160 later and watching my little blonde curse out a man dressed as a pirate, eye patch and all we were on our way home!

Such a successful night at Sundance.
I seriously am in love,
let's keep these night coming!

Tonight I'm going to see "Like Crazy" which I guess has gotten a lot of fantastic reviews.
I'm stoked.
The Roots.