..Laugh as much as you choose,but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.. -Pride and Prejudice

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh just some sunday sillyness.
From this day forward, I'm looking on the bright side of life.
Wanna join me?
here is a list I have created of how:]

Paint your finger nails the brightest color you can find.
Eat fruit for dessert.
Drink tea as much as you can.
Laugh out loud, even when you shouldn't.
Sleep with your favorite stuffed animal or blanket.
Kiss a dog.
Kiss a baby.
Kiss your parents.( on the cheek)
Kiss a boy. (tis not a sin)
Wear lots of jewelry.
Wear whatever you want.
Take a longggg bubble bath.
Dance around your kitchen.
Sing loudly in your car.
Buy the cutest underwear you can find.
Go for a drive.
Throw away, delete, or burn those pictures of your ex.
Sleep naked(or with those cute undies, go on just do it)
Flirt relentlessly.
Buy or even make something you've been wanting.
Be kind.(rewind)
Make a treat, and give it to someone else.
Read something by Jane Austen.
Watch Garden State.
Download a whole new genre of music.
Do something you never thought you would.
And remember, everything you learned as a child is true.

Mermaids are real.
Neverland and Peter Pan exist.
All carpets are magic.
Animals can speak.
Pirates love treasure.
A fairy is born when a baby experiences its first laugh.
You can beat an army if you set your mind to it.
All girls are princesses.
Lying makes your nose bigger.
Being evil never serves you well.
A perfect pair of shoes solves lots of problems.
and yes,
someday your prince will come.



  1. Most favorite post ever. EVER. ever. You are such a gem and I love you!!

  2. gurrrlll! I love this post! You are so cute!!!

  3. love this! it was just what i needed to hear.