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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birthday Wish List

These would go wonderfully with any dress, shorts, or skirt. 

I know this will never happen, but he is so dang cute!
I'd probably name him Robert, or Leopold. haha

Um need! 1. because it's oh so fun. 2. it would get my ars into shape:]

I need a new pair, Europe destroyed my last pair and I loved them!
Not to mention, I am giving another child a shoe.

Anything from here works just fine!

And maybe one of him, on a silver platter!
ummm yummmmm. tehehe. I'm embarrassing.

Yessss blogger family, my Birthday is coming up so soon!
20 days to be exact.
I never really get excited for Birthdays, but for some reason I cannot wait to be 21!
It means my teen years will be far behind me, and I will be passed the awkward age of 20.
Now I will have zero boundaries!
(Don't worry mom, that doesn't mean I will go crazy)
but basically my wings will no longer be clipped!

And a very Happy Wednesday to all!
p.s. school is almost out, and the weather is wonderful!
woot woot!


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  1. Holy Cow......I am old!

    Taking notes on your wishes....;)