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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Uhhh who let the nerd out?!

So I started and finished The Hunger Games on my cruise remember?
Well after I got home, I was dying.
I didn't possess the second or third and I was literally itching to get them.
When I found out my friend Kris has them, I literally died. 
I curled myself up for the next week and did nothing else but read.
(You think I'm kidding? Ask my mom)
I just finished today, they were amazing. 
I cannot believe it has taken me so long to finally read them.
I almost wish I hadn't read them so fast, I am having separation anxiety already!
The best news though, is they are making them into movies.

Isn't it amazing the worlds you can create in your mind? 
I love inventing my own worlds when I read.
It's almost like being a little kid again and I love it!

Hopefully my dreams will be filled with Peeta and the happy parts of District 12 tonight:]



  1. So glad I had those for you to borrow! They are the best!

  2. Note the title of the book she's reading whilst sitting in her bathtub. Horrrrny.