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Friday, July 22, 2011

So as I am sure you all know, 
my beautiful sister got married a month ago to the coolest guy.
They are perfect for each other. 
Beth has forever been obsessed with taking pictures and video,
and over the years she has captured some pretty amazing things.
and when I first met Landon, he told me that he loved to film as well.
Which was one of the reasons I thought they would be so great together.
(Toot, toot. That's me tooting my own horn:])

Well to cut to the chase, since they met each other they have wanted to start a filming company.

Fielding Films.

How cute is that?
All I can say is, they are incredible.
Their videos are one of a kind and sooooo cool.
But you don't have to take my word for it,
see for yourself!
Check them out HERE
You won't be disappointed. 
So if you ever feel the need to film anything,
wedding, parties, homecomings, farewells, family reunions, etc.
Definitely contact them!

Have a wonderful weekend my loves!
and do some of this..


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