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Monday, August 22, 2011

Well my dears it has happened once again,
time to buy all new books, new folders, new pens, new pencils and a fabulous new wardrobe..
Fall Semester has begun. 

And If you are anything like me you are so unprepared and unwilling to accept the fact that it is actually starting once again. 

I swear, didn't Summer just barely begin?
Oh wait.. it did, only two weeks ago for me and multiply besties who had to suffer through Summer school.


But I came up with a few wonderful tricks to help you acclimate yourself back into the swing of school.

1. Play "Spot the Freshmen"
They are usually pretty easy to find, from their freshly pressed Abercrombie T's, the dazed look on their perfectly made up faces, to their maps of the campus glued to the inside of their folders. Bless their hearts. 

2. Find the most wildly dressed individual in each one of your classes and sit next to them on the first day. Usually they will say something witty and/or ridiculous on the initial "class introductions." So you'll  be guaranteed at least a good laugh if nothing else. 

3. Get into an argument with one of the egotistical-bike-riding-devil-nazi "parking enforcement" men.
Just do it.

4. Take advantage of the wide variety of coffee shops and deli's that reside in every freakin building. You can order the same thing from each place, but boy is it a gamble on wether it's good or not!

5. And don't forget to laugh at anyone who crashes on their scooter, bike, skateboard, or segway in front of you, just make sure they are ok after. haha

So let the good times roll, and enjoy yourselves.
After all you totally deserve some fun for all the hell you will soon be put through.
So collegiate, and oh so cute. I want.


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