..Laugh as much as you choose,but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.. -Pride and Prejudice

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm blogging for two reasons.
1. I am avoiding my homework at all costs.
2. It's just what you do on a lazy Sunday.

I don't have anything very much exciting to blog about,
my life seems to have gone back to it's very relaxed ways.
Can I get a Hallelujah?
Besides school, nothing is stressing me out, and it's wonderfullllll.
Just loving and living my life.
Just the way I like it:]
Utterly blissful my dears.

And in other news, on Thursday we had a guest choreographer come who is an assistant to "Nappytabs" from So You Think You Can Dance, and teach us a hip-hop routine that I am in love with.
I may be a trained Ballerina, but I love letting go and getting low:]
(I know, I'm an incredible poet)

Also, Adele has been speaking to my soul lately.
Her voice is mutant.
It's perfectly beautiful!
I suggest her entire 21 album.
I simply cannot pick a favorite song.

Oh, and I could spend all my days on Pinterest.
It's disgusting.
I love it.

Lastly, go tumble head over heels for someone.
It's the perfect time to do so.
I highly suggest it!
Cause for me.. so far so good. 
(But i'll keep you updated haha)


  1. Loving all the joy I feel from this post!
    Love you!
    Love you, loving life!

  2. Meg I love you and want to see you and hear updates ASAP!

  3. I want to see a picture of this boy who is stealing your heart! :)