..Laugh as much as you choose,but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.. -Pride and Prejudice

Friday, September 16, 2011

I am simply loving this weather today.
rainy, overcast fall days are my absolute favorite.

I was fighting the fact the summer was ending,
honestly, refusing to believe it was happening
but lo and behold,
I have given in.

Fall is exciting,
the leaves change, the air gets just the right amount of nip to it, and everyone seems to be very lively.
Not to mention, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Football and of course, the fashion.
There is nothing better than a long sweater, leggings and boots. 
It's love!

And even though fall means winter is just around the corner, it's still the best season!
And I am excited for it.


Oh and happy "holy war" this weekend.
In case you were wondering, I'll be sporting purple:]


  1. Wow! This post is so much happier than the last few!...........It's amazing what a good "M.O." and a little retail therapy will do for your mood! hahahaha

  2. oh p.s.......

    Purple? Not red? not blue? .....oh I get it! One red plus one blue = purple!

  3. I cannot support you supporting "purple" and I don't think Buzz would either! I love you and LOVED seeing you <3