..Laugh as much as you choose,but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.. -Pride and Prejudice

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I debated writing about this, but I kind of am liking the stripped, honest version of my blog the best so here it goes.
Yesterday something happened to me that has never happened before in my life.
I recieved a full on, no holding back, verbal lashing from a boy.
This boy and myself went on a few dates early on in the summer, pretty basic group dates and I never thought much of it.
He was nice enough, but I didn't really see anything happening with this boy in the future.
Well he continued to pursue, and I would always come up with excuses to not go on a date with him.
And on occasion, as horrible as it is, I simply wouldn't text back. Hoping maybe he would get the hint?
But he was determined, so finally yesterday I told him ever so nicely that I thought he was a great guy but that I didn't see us ever being more than just friends. 
He was fine with it for a second and thennnnnnn the flood gates released and all hell broke loose.
And I'll tell you what, I have never been called such mean, hateful, nasty things in my life.
In a nutshell I am a disrespectful, self righteous slut who lives a sub par life and will most likely never achieve anything more than such. All while waiting in a delusional state for Prince Charming to come and sweep me off my feet.
But the best part about the whole conversation was when he said..
"You truly are something else, I officially believe everything I have heard about you."

Now, I like to believe I have a pretty thick skin, I can handle a lot and can brush off nearly everything.
Which I did with most of that conversation.
But that phrase has been bothering me.
Let's be honest, I know the majority of the things people say about me,
and I can honestly and whole heartedly say that at least 90% of it is wildly untrue.
But I find it interesting that people are so very much invested in my life that they have to talk about it so frequently.
It doesn't seem like the best use of your time to me!
I'm really not that exciting.
At the same time though, I know that rumors are spread by people with big mouths and little minds and in the end Karma is so very real, and they will be held accountable for the falasies they spread.
As for me though, I'm going to keep plucking along, doin what I do and continue to let things roll of my back as such.
But if any of you do have a question you'd like to clear up, just ask me!
what have you.
I am an open book and willing to answer anything you'd like to know.
So get at me!

As always lovelies.



  1. Nice......laying it out there! KARMA baby! It will bite those who lie and treat others badly!!! You are awesome!

  2. This is not real! What a jerk. We know who the real Meg is and she is wonderful, kind, caring and gorgeous (inside and out). Stay strong baby girl!

  3. I am amazed that someone would be so disrespectful! You are beautiful Meg, and you just keep living the way you do! You're amazing.

  4. people are seriously stupid. been there. it's never fun, but just remember that he probably doesn't even mean the words he is saying.. his ego is just hurt and it's way of making himself feel better. he knows you are amazing and he is trying to convince himself you're not! people always talk, but 90% of the time it's because of jealousy. you're a babe. end of story.

  5. when people gossip, it's only because A. they're jealous and B. they're jealous (or in this case the boy can't have you). That's why you should surround yourself with confident happy people! you're the bomb. love you besty.