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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

 I read a lot of blogs.
Blogs of girls who seem to be perfect.
Like it's sickening.
And they always share their tips and tricks to being beautiful.
But they are always soooo complicatedddd.
I read them and think
"I'm totally going to do that."
But then I think
"Who has time for that crap?"
So, I decided to make my own beauty list.
And boy, do these things work wonders on me and the best part, they are all $18 or less and don't take longer than 10 minutes.

Here we go:

First and foremost.
This is an all natural vitamin that works wonders.
makes your hair smoother, nails stronger, skin glow, boost metabolism, and is good for your nervous system.
I have been using it for under a year now and I'll never stop.
I buy mine at Whole Foods, and I get the Swanson brand, high potency 10mg.
It comes with 120 caps and I just take one a day.
It'll change your life, promise.

Now, I have been blessed with pretty good skin.
(thanks mom and dad)
But there are times when my skin freaks out, and in turn I freak out!
I'm a cronic picker and popper so blemishes tend to stay longer than I'd like.
So to make them go away, once I've finished going to town on my face I dab Neosporin on the blemish and usually leave it there over night.
It makes it dissappear so much faster and you aren't left with a nasty scab afterwards!

Now, if you are anything like me you enjoy a long, steaming hot shower.
There is nothing better.
So when I went to my friend Lauren(she does my hair) and asked her how to fix split ends, one of the things she suggested was just before I get out of the shower to turn the water on cold and stick my heads under to close the hair follicles.
I tried it a few times, and couldn't stand being so cold when I got out of the shower!
I'm a baby.
So instead, once I got out of the shower and before I would brush through my hair,
 I would fill the sink up with ice cold water and dip my hair into it.
That way, my body would stay warmmmm.
I've been doing it for a month now and have honestly noticed a difference in my hair.
It's smoother, shinier and breaks off a lot less.

yesterday I went to the Dentist for the first time in over a year..
So I was really nervous.
But the lady cleaning my teeth just kept on raving about how clean my mouth was, and how it was one of the cleanest mouths she has ever seen.
(hey boys, did you hear that? Clean mouth over here!)
Anyway, I am pretty anal about my mouth but I just use a regular old toothbrush (one you buy from a grocery store, not one of those fancy electric ones) first, then I floss and I top it off with swishing my mouth out
with Listerine Whitening mouth wash.
And I promise, this is why my teeth are so clean.
It bubbles and fizzes and just gets all that gunk out of your teeth!
It's amazing.
(also proud to report, I am still cavity free.)

I don't know what it is, but people think that if a mascara is expensive it automatically makes it amazing.
And if you honestly spend $70 on mascara then you can go shave your back now.
I've been using grocery store mascara since I was twelve and I love it!
Two summers ago I tried the whole fake lashes trend, and I'll be honest.. it was nice.
But when I decided to go back au naturale I had peach fuzz where once there were thick lashes.
It was awful!
(Cue Biotin)
So I went on a hunt for the best mascara and found that the Maybelline "Great Lash Big" and "Volum Express, the Colossal." (yeah, there is no E on the end of Volum.. I don't know why)
They both make my lashes look super long and super thick!

Mascara Sidenote:
How many of you hate when it's late at night, you're with a cute boy and your mascara starts flaking off? or you get home and it looks like you got punched in both eyes?
Well, fear no more.
I have come up with a concoction!
Everyday, yes.. everyday after I have applied my normal mascara and let it dry I add two or three swipes of water proof mascara on my top and bottom lashes.
It holds everything in place and won't come off until you want it to!
All it takes is hot water and soap, not even make up remover is needed.
It'll change your life.

And last but most certainly not least.. but for the sake of this post it has to be last.
Now I know soda is amazingly delicious, and I'm not saying cut it out of your diet.
But what I am saying is drink twice as much water as you do soda.
Cause who wants the ponchy belly, love handles, cellulite and double chin that is caused by soda?
Not me.
So, if you won't cut it out.. at least compensate by hydrating the crap out of your body.
It will thank you!
Because like Derek Zoolander said, "Water is the essence of beauty."

xx, my lovelies.


  1. "You're welcome" for the skin! But my favorite line in this post is..."I'm pretty anal about my mouth!">>>hahahahahaha

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love realistic tips, and I have already used the neosporin and cold water one. I love your blog so much!

  3. cutest post! i agree 100% with all of these. xoxo