..Laugh as much as you choose,but you will not laugh me out of my opinion.. -Pride and Prejudice

Friday, January 11, 2013

Who here has seen Practical Magic?
(Cue the girl raising her hand emoji)
I love that movie.
So much, it's ridiculous.
I remember curling up on the couch in my sweats, with a giant blanket over me and my sister while she tried to stick her freezing cold, boney feet underneath my thighs. And if I would protest having her feet there she would give me these huge puppy dog eyes and say, "Noooo, Megannnnn. Pleaseeeee. You're just so warmmmmmm."
She would do it in this whine/sing.
and I would always give her a dirty look and say, "Ugh, fine."
Once we got all nustled down, we'd giggle, sing, scream, and feel triumphant.
I would sit there and think to myself how cool it would be to have a best friend like Sally,
cause lets face it, I am definitely more like the saucy red head.
But then I realized, I do.
My sister is to me, what Sally is to Gillian.
She has always been there for me, and we have, and always will be best friends.
Even if we hate each other, we still love each other.
She's been my protector and confidant for nearly 23 years.
And in turn, she knows that if she ever needed me I would be on the first plane, train, boat or camel back to get to her.
She turns 25 today and oh how the years have flown.
We've seen and done so much together,
and I wouldn't trade any of those memories for all the money in the world.
So here's to you, Elizabeth June!
How I love you so, and hope you have the most amazing day ever.
It's always comforting to know, if I make a poor decision by falling in love with a psycho that my sister would kill him, help me bring him back to life and then kill him for me again...
That's love.



  1. "Sisters....sisters...there were never such devoted sisters!"

  2. haha cutest sisters..love this! and love practical magic.

  3. You make me wish I had a sister. I will just have to live vicariously through you two! You guys are just the cutest. xo