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Saturday, September 18, 2010

as promised.

Over labor day me and all my bestest friends went to Lake Powell.
With about 200 people!
It was a freakin blast.
Full of boating, dancing, blobbing, swimming, laughing.
Basically everything that ends with "ing"
We left lateeee on thursday night and drove all through the night.
Since I can't sleep in cars it was my job to keep the driver awake while everyone else slept.
The driver got tired and I ended up driving the last hour and a half.
I didn't mind at all:]
We got to Page, Arizona just in time to watch the sunrise!
I ended up falling asleep in the trunk of the car. haha
Finally getting to camp took a while and was a little complicated, but it was well worth it!
The next three days were too much fun!
I even got lots of sleep cause somehow I weaseled my way into a room.
I was even able to get the girls a room on the last night we were there.
Pretty lucky, seeing as 200 people wanted rooms haha.

These are our Harajuku girls.. We all match up with a different one!
So great.

I loved everything about Powell and honestly can't wait to go back!

(Side story, one night we were all sitting around the fire and I was wearing my OSSO sweatshirt, you know, always representing! When a girl came up to me and asked me if I had done it, I was a little confused haha but then she clarified and said "Did you go to Ecuador"? I told her I had and she was like "I am going there this January, I actually just got excepted today, I am going to Cuenca!"
I started crying, I think she thought I was crazy but I told her she would understand when she goes. it was so great to meet someone who is going down to be with my babies, exactly one year after me. So crazy that it will have been an entire year since I left. I miss them everyday!)



  1. Best trip ever!!! So glad i could experience it with you!! Love you!

  2. uhh LOVE the story at the end. isn't it ridiculous how excited we get when someone goes to Cuenca? a girl i know just left last week for Cuenca, I'll tell her to give David a beso for you :)