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Monday, June 27, 2011

Today I want to tell you all about someone who I share a very love/hate relationship with.
Her name is Hermione.. yes, Granger.
or others might call her Hermana Kubly.

When Beth got engaged, she realized her close friend Jessica would not be able to attend her wedding because she is serving a mission for the LDS Church in Uruguay. 

So, Mama Kels had a brilliant idea to get a cut out and stick Jess' face on it.
It just so happened to be a cut out of Miss Hermione because she had a skirt on and hair that looks rather similar to Jess'

So this fake Jess has been chillin in and around our house for a few months,
sometimes she ends up at the front door, late at night to scare those of us who stay out.
Sometimes she is waiting for a drowsy member of the family to stumble upon her in the shower,
at times she is found in closets, trying to steal clothes,
and on occasion ends up in someone's bed, ready for a little nappppp.

The best experience though, was one time me and Beth were home by ourselves, and I thought I would be sneaky and put Hermione in the doorway of my parents room to scare them when they got home.
I snickered and headed back down to Beth's room to gloat on how funny I was.
It just so happened I was doing Beth's make up for her engagements that day and realized the blush was in my parents bathroom,
I ran upstairs, turned the corner to get to my parents room...
screamed bloody murder, fell backwards and made tons of noise!
I had fallen victim of my very own trap.

I could hear Beth laughing so hard she could barely breathe and I was doing the same.
I thought I was being so sly and hilarious, but instead it completely back fired and got me instead of who it was intended for. 

Even though the wedding is over, Hermione is still very much around.
Lurking in corners and freaking everyone out.

I'd say she is a pretty great addition to the fam.

 Hermione at her best..

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  1. Jess is such a creeper! I think she has been banished to the furnace room! And I see you're already taking over Beth's old room?!!!